Bay District Schools Offer $ 500 Reward for School Vandalism Trails

BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – Bay District Schools is offering a reward of $ 500 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the vandalism of the school toilets.

They say the students stepped up the destructive activity as part of a Tik Tok challenge.

BDS Director of Operations Josh Balkom said all Bay County students who participate in the popular Tik Tok challenge known as the “Sneaky Lick” could now face serious consequences.

“We are asking our families to have a conversation with their children about using social media,” Balkom said. “We will offer a reward of $ 500 for any information that could lead to an arrest.”

Bay County School officials said the students could be taken out of their school and put into an alternative program.

Sheriff Tommy Ford said if the damage costs enough, the child could be charged with a felony.

“If you commit a crime you will be charged as a felony, your photo ID will go out on social media and follow you,” Ford said. “If they want attention for it, I can provide it for them. “

He said they spent a lot of time and money rebuilding schools after Hurricane Michael.

“It’s not funny, it’s expensive, it’s damaging our schools and we’ve spent so much time and effort rebuilding after Hurricane Michael and we’re not going to let them be vandalized,” Ford said.

The school and the sheriff’s department say they use a zero tolerance approach.

This week, dozens of schools have experienced serious incidents.

Bryan Bullock, the principal of Mosley High School, said it had really intensified over the past two days.

“We caught a student stealing a microscope from a science lab and unfortunately on Thursday we had someone kicked a sink and smashed one of our sinks in our toilet,” said Bullock.

Coy Pilson, the principal of Rutherford High School, said a student removed a fire extinguisher from the wall, brought it home and posted it on Tik Tok. He said there had been other incidents as well.

“We had the ceiling tiles removed, we had toilets full of toilet paper, soap dispensers ripped from the walls,” Pilson said.

Pilson said he was concerned about losing goalies as a result of the incident as well.

Bay District Schools is already understaffed.

Officials believe that this is a small group of children committing these crimes and they pledge to get answers.

“Those who cause problems in our washrooms and on our campuses, this vandalism, we will hold you responsible,” Balkom said.

Administrators said they were also working to make schools safer.

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How ContourGlobal and Osprey Set Up Effective ESG Programs | Item

As ESG expands, it forces companies to cast a much wider net on how to deal with these issues. So part of building an ESG program involves thinking about what matters most to your investors and the communities in which you operate.

“Keep an open mind as to what the program should be and what it should look like,” said Stuart Altman, Compliance Manager at ContourGlobal. “ESG is different for every business, and you need to figure out what makes sense for you. “

As a power generation company, ContourGlobal is strongly committed to environmental and sustainability initiatives, but the element of governance is also becoming increasingly important. “The modern slavery component, especially as a listed company in the UK, has taken on greater significance to us,” Altman said.

ContourGlobal takes a two-pronged approach to its ESG strategy. The first is to assess what is expected of the company from its investors and other stakeholders, while the second is to assess what the company expects of itself, Altman said.

ContourGlobal has several operations in Europe, where the concept of thermal energy is becoming a higher priority. The company is currently looking to solve this problem – an example under the first part.

In the second part, social investment is a key element of the company’s ESG strategy. “We’re really focused on investing in projects, rather than donating money,” like helping build schools and hospitals, Altman said. Another example, “In Rwanda, we literally extract natural gas from the water in the lake and turn it into energy that powers most of the capital,” he said.

From a compliance and risk management perspective, “We have a more diverse ESG approach than some companies,” said Altman. “He doesn’t stay in one place with one person.”

“Keep an open mind as to what the program should be and what it should look like. ESG is different for every business, and you need to figure out what makes sense for you.

Stuart Altman, Director of Compliance, ContourGlobal

ContourGlobal has both a health and safety team, as well as an environmental team. The company also has a separate committee that focuses on sustainability and community growth in terms of giving back through social investments. This siled approach has generally worked well, Altman said, “but it takes a little more coordination and a little more thinking about how the different constituents work together.”

Each year, ContourGlobal, which tracks the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, sets a series of specific goals, Altman said. One of the goals for 2021 is to increase the development of the renewal by 100 megawatts. “We try to be fairly transparent about our successes or not,” he said.

In addition, ContourGlobal produces an annual sustainability report covering a wide range of topics. “We try to use both qualitative and quantitative information in our reports,” said Altman. This includes case studies showing stakeholders what projects the company has completed throughout the year. “A lot of ESG comes through in these stories, as opposed to a series of dashboard pie charts,” he said.

How Osprey Leads Through ESG

Outdoor hardware company Osprey takes a similar approach for its ESG program. This process began by reassessing the mission, vision and values ​​statement of the company and by “connecting[ing] much more to our ESG program, ”said Mark Galbraith, vice president of products and sustainability at Osprey.

An internal cross-functional group has been created to set ambitious overall ESG goals. “We have set ourselves the crazy goal of being the most progressive, transparent and sustainable outdoor equipment company,” he said. Such a focus made Osprey the first hardware-specific brand in the United States to make such a commitment.

The next step was to thoroughly re-evaluate its policies and procedures, including everything from the manufacturing process of the company’s raw materials, to the chemicals in its textile products, to its work practices and the supplier code of conduct in the workplace. Company objectives are further linked to employee job descriptions, annual and quarterly objectives and performance reviews to ensure that ESG values ​​are embedded in corporate culture as much as they are in corporate culture. Osprey products themselves.

From a supply chain risk management perspective, “it starts with setting goals that you can measure,” said Galbraith. Osprey has thousands of independent factory workers and raw material suppliers, “so we have a very complex supply chain that we’re trying to manage.”

Osprey “relies a lot on industry expertise and third-party verification,” said Galbraith. The textile industry’s trusted certification bodies include bluesign, the Global Recycle Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard, each setting strict, responsible and sustainable standards for the development and manufacture of textiles. “We also have suppliers who are certified organic or certified as bluesign systems partners,” said Galbraith.

For any business, building a strong ESG program as a whole requires establishing a framework that “fits deeply into the company’s mission, vision and values,” said Galbraith. “Otherwise, it will be separate from everything you do. An important part of that, he said, is always finding the right balance between profit and the people, the planet and the core values ​​of the company. And finally, don’t forget to celebrate small successes, because even these can have a big and lasting impact.

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The wonderful closing of Mary’s store

Mary’s Marvelous will close on Sunday afternoon.

Much to the chagrin of her legions of loyal customers, Mary Schoenlein announced this week that her retail bakery and Mary’s Marvelous take-out outlet on Newtown Lane in East Hampton will close for good when business closes on Sunday.

The move was not unexpected – Hampton Chutney Co. announced last month that it would take over the space by the end of this year – but it wasn’t until this week that Ms Schoenlein shared the final date for the operations with social media subscribers.

“It has been an emotional week,” Ms Schoenlein said on Thursday.

In a letter to the editor of the East Hampton Star this week, Ms Schoenlein said she was “moved and so grateful for the outpouring of affection and kind words I have received – and all of us. here”. She thanked her team of employees for their contribution to the success of the store, writing, “You were my co-creators of this Mary’s Marvelous effort. I have deep gratitude and respect for you, I appreciated your talents, your diligence and your sense of humor! “

Mary’s Marvelous opened in Amagansett in 2002 and opened a second store in East Hampton in 2012.

“What an incredible years we have had together,” Ms. Schoenlein wrote in a post on her website. “I am deeply grateful for your loyal patronage – and I thank the dedicated and talented team who have cooked, baked and served you all these years. Nothing wonderful is ever achieved alone, and I have been surrounded by a wonderful staff every step of the way And without my husband, Pat, I couldn’t have accomplished a fraction of what we did, together. ”Ms Schoenlein said she had a cookbook in the works and that she “Was also preparing other projects”.

In her letter to The Star, she said: “Wait your forks, my creative team and I are imagining a new Mary’s Marvelous! Something amazing is happening.”

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Liqid Expands Leadership in Finance, Federal and Public Sector, and Products

BROOMFIELD, Colorado, September 16, 2021 – Liquid, provider of the world’s most comprehensive composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) platform, today announced that the company has significantly expanded its leadership in finance, federal channel sales, management products, etc. The expanding corporate leadership team includes finance veteran Steve Tucker, who brings more than 30 years of experience to his role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Liqid. Tucker joins Liqid as the company has doubled its workforce year over year and continues to expand its business footprint in verticals in both the public and private sectors. The company continues to grow its federal and public sector channel sales team with new appointments, as well as its product development leadership team to meet the unprecedented demand for industry-leading Liqid Matrix CDI software solutions.

“We are excited about the phenomenal growth we have experienced over the past year, and we welcome Steve and the new addition to our sales development and product leadership teams at a critical time in our company’s history. , where disaggregated composability becomes the infrastructure of choice for AI and other high-value applications, ”said Sumit Puri, CEO and co-founder of Liqid. “With decades of experience and expertise, across all verticals and geographies, from startups to blue chips, these seasoned professionals are the perfect candidates to help extend the footprint of the award-winning Liqid Matrix to data centers across the world. whole world. “

New CFO guides Liqid’s global expansion

As Liqid has doubled the size of its workforce year over year to meet the increased need for composable software for the ever-changing, AI-driven IT landscape, Tucker joins Liqid from software vendor d Vertafore insurance. He has held several leadership positions in finance and consulting, responsible for capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, process improvement, accounting and contract negotiations in complex high growth markets, including software as a service (SaaS) and other revenue industries.

At Liqid, Tucker will develop the team overseeing the company’s financial activities, including business planning and development, forecasting, budgeting, capital markets and key contract negotiations as the business continues. to significantly expand the global footprint of Liqid Matrix CDI software, as a company has doubled its total workforce since September 2020.

“I look forward to working with the dynamic and hungry Liqid team to continue to increase our share of the global voice in the evolving data center, develop new go-to-market strategies and advance our leadership status in the evolving data center. all the domains. composable, ”Tucker said.

Federal and Public Sector and Product Management: Liqid Leadership Provides Liqid Matrix Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) software to data centers around the world

As new applications transform the digital landscape, AI increasingly brings advanced facilities and mainframe systems closer together through cloud innovation and on-premise networking, Liqid remains committed to continuous optimization of the Liqid Matrix CDI software platform. Liqid Matrix delivers unprecedented agility, efficiency and performance for increasingly diverse compute environments, use cases and customer profiles.

To continue these efforts, Liqid welcomes the following team members to lead Liqid’s federal and public teams, as well as product management:

  • Beth Turman, Executive Director, Public Sector Sales: Turman has over 35 years of leadership experience in the public and commercial sectors. Focusing on data center sales, she engaged to higher levels with visionaries in energy, defense, education, corporate R&D, all while working with large teams of regional and national sales managers to offer innovative solutions. Turman is responsible for a team of experienced sales managers to deliver Liqid Matrix software solutions to the market. She will focus on expanding Liqid’s already impressive successes within the federal government and the broader public sector. Turman is also active in mentoring women in technology and volunteers in her local food distribution community.
  • Gary Billingsley, Director, Federal Sales: Billingsley has over 15 years of experience working with Channel Partners, OEMs, and Federal System Integrators to develop profitable revenue streams within and across numerous public sector accounts including the FBI, NSA and the DIA Navy / Army. Billingsley will work with the Federal Sales Team to grow Liqid’s business in the public sector, working with relevant partners at all levels of government to bring Liqid Matrix CDI software to their customers.
  • Ben Bolles, Executive Director, Product Management: Bolles brings over 25 years of customer experience and award-winning product development across industries, from manufacturing to telecommunications to enterprise IT. He will be responsible for the roadmap, product strategy, product management and technical marketing for the Liqid Matrix platform.

“Along with Beth, Gary and Ben, Liqid brings even deeper knowledge and experience to his already extraordinary team, with unmatched knowledge of customer needs in vertical markets, horizontal applications and global geographies,” said John Spiers, Director of Revenue. , Liquid. “As unprecedented demand for performance efficiency and resource agility sweeps the planet, driven by high-speed advancements in AI, HPC, edge and cloud computing, Liqid Matrix software delivers unprecedented data agility and performance efficiency for high-value applications. “

Liqid Matrix: A Transformative Platform That Adapts to AI, HPC, Edge and Cloud

With horizontal use cases in AI + ML, HPC, cloud and edge computing, Liqid’s software disaggregates server components in the data center (CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, storage memory technology and network cards). ) and places them in resource pools. Liqid’s intuitive GUI, REST API, or CLI allows an end user to create servers in seconds from these resource pools to deploy applications on demand.

There is no need to physically reconfigure servers, manually add additional peripherals, or overprovision expensive hardware to support heavy workloads. Connect, click and dial a bare-metal server on the fly.

To continue to deliver on the company’s vision of adaptive, disaggregated and efficient IT for an accelerated time to value, Liqid is recruiting for positions at all levels in the areas of Engineering, Operations, Sales, finance, marketing, etc. Interested applicants should visit the Liquid website, and submit resumes here.

About Liqid

Liquid composable infrastructure The software platform, Liqid Matrix, offers cloud-like speed and flexibility, as well as increased efficiency of on-premises infrastructure. Now IT can configure, deploy and scale bare metal physical servers in seconds, then reallocate valuable accelerator and storage resources through software as needs change. Dynamically provision previously impossible systems or scale existing investments, then redeploy resources as needed in real time. Unlock the agility of cloud-based data centers at any scale and discover new levels of resources and operational efficiency with Liqid.

Source: Liquid

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Kazatomprom has set up a social project: construction of children’s play areas and sports fields in the regions of presence

September 16

At the beginning of September, Kazatomprom completed the construction of modern children’s playgrounds and sports grounds in seven settlements in the Turkestan and Kyzylorda regions.

The objective of this social project is to improve the quality of life of the population in the regions where the Company is present and to contribute to their socio-economic and infrastructural development.

The construction of facilities of social importance was carried out within the framework of the cooperation protocols concluded between Kazatomprom, the industrial union of nuclear workers and the local Akimats.


To implement these projects, the Akimat have allocated plots of land for the construction of the land. Each land of 430 square meters has a flexible floor covering, fun and sports equipment.

As a result of the works carried out, modern sports and play areas for the recreation of local residents were built in Akkoltyk, Zhartytobe, Kyzyemshek and Taikonyr villages of Sozak district and Koksarai village of Koksarai district. Otrar from Turkestan. as well as in Shiyeli village, Shiyeli district and Baikenzhe village, Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda region.


Currently, all these facilities with a total area of ​​3010 m² have been transferred to local executive bodies, which will ensure their subsequent maintenance, maintaining the safety and quality of the park’s equipment.


For more information, please contact:

Kazatomprom Investor Relations Investigations

Cory Kos, Director of Investor Relations

Phone: +7 (8) 7172 45 81 80

Email: [email protected]

Kazatomprom public relations and media inquiries

Torgyn Mukayeva, head expert of the RG & RP department

Phone: +7 (8) 7172 45 80 63

Email: [email protected]

About Kazatomprom

Kazatomprom is the world’s largest producer of uranium, with production attributable to the Company representing approximately 23% of global primary uranium production in 2020. The Group benefits from the largest reserve base in the industry and operates, through through its subsidiaries, JVs and associates, 26 deposits. grouped into 14 mining assets. All of the Company’s mining operations are located in Kazakhstan and extract uranium using ISR technology with an emphasis on maintaining state-of-the-art health, safety and environmental standards.

Kazatomprom’s securities are listed on the London Stock Exchange, the Astana International Stock Exchange and the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. As the national atomic company of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Group’s main customers are operators of nuclear production capacities and the main export markets for the Group’s products are China, South and East Asia. , Europe and North America. The Group sells uranium and uranium products under long-term contracts, short-term contracts, as well as on the spot market, directly from its head office in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, and through the intermediary of its commercial subsidiary based in Switzerland, Trade House KazakAtom AG. (THANK YOU).

For more information, please visit the company’s website at

Forward-looking statements

All statements other than statements of historical fact included in this communication or document are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements provide the Company’s current expectations and projections regarding its financial condition, results of operations, plans, objectives, future performance and business. These statements may include, but are not limited to, statements preceded, followed or including words such as “target”, “believe”, “expect”, “aim”, “intend”, ” can ‘,’ anticipate ‘,’ estimate, ” plan ‘,’ project ‘,’ will ‘,’ may have ‘,’ probably ‘,’ should ‘,’ should ‘,’ could ‘and other words and terms of similar or negative meaning. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other important factors beyond the control of the Company which could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from the results, performance or achievements. expectations expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. staring statements. These forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions regarding the Company’s current and future business strategies and the environment in which it will operate in the future. THE INFORMATION REGARDING ALL PROJECTIONS PRESENTED HEREIN IS BASED ON A NUMBER OF ASSUMPTIONS CONCERNING FUTURE EVENTS AND IS SUBJECT TO SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC AND COMPETITIVE UNCERTAINTIES AND OTHER CONTINGENCIES, SOME OF WHICH NOT WITHIN ANY CONTINGENCY AND SOME INCLUDING THE COMPANY. THERE IS NO ASSURANCE THAT THE PROJECTIONS WILL BE ACHIEVED, AND THE ACTUAL RESULTS MAY BE GREATER OR LESS THAN INDICATED. NONE OF THE COMPANY OR ITS SHAREHOLDERS, DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, ADVISORS OR AFFILIATES, OR ANY REPRESENTATIVE OR AFFILIATE OF THE FOREGOING, ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY OF THE PRESENTATIONS CONTAINED HEREIN. The information contained in this communication or document, including, but not limited to, forward-looking statements, apply only as of the date hereof and are not intended to give assurances as to future results. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or commitment to release any updates or revisions to this information, including financial data or forward-looking statements, and will not publish any revisions it may make to the Information that may result from any change in expectations, any change in the events, conditions or circumstances upon which these forward-looking statements are based, or other events or circumstances occurring after the date hereof.

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THE COVER – Fire Engineering


“Go west, young man!” “

FOLLOWING the highest thinking trend in our minds recently, here is a shining example of how to do it.

The City of Minneapolis Fire Department is taking over the rescue work and insurance interests are disbanding the fire patrol, according to a news clipping that recently reached my office.

There was a whole story related to this event, and I wrote to what I assumed was the right source of information and if I don’t tell you the whole story, it’s not my fault.

Some people just don’t like writing letters.

I received a very nice letter from our dear friend. Dr Harry M. Archer, and he reports his constant pleasure in reading this column and also his considerable improvement in health, for these two news items which we thank.

This Emergency Council that I mentioned recently, organized a county-wide disaster appeal monster the other day, rolling 20 units, in cooperation with the local chapter of the American Red Cross. . Considerable benefits have been gained, in particular what could be done to expedite such calls, via police radio, we have the fullest cooperation from the various police chiefs in the county.

The first emergency squad of the fire department turns several miles around (which was incidentally the first rescue corps in a volunteer FD in the United States) wrapped in beautiful new white overalls, with their names appropriately embroidered on the back. Quite an innovation in these pieces and looked very pragmatic. Especially nice when you’re answering a call and having to work under pressure in the mud with your Sundav-go-to appointments turned on.

And, speaking of volunteer emergency squads (oh, they sprout like mushrooms or dandelions, all over the country), what do you think of the following as a list of equipment?

Two axes with a pickaxe head, one ax with a flat head. two carpenter’s pliers, one wedge-tipped crowbar, two square points. D-handle shovels, two round-point long-handled shovels, a six-inch hoist, a 10-pound sled, two hacksaws. assorted blades, an all-purpose wood saw. 800ft assorted strings, pipe wrench. 24 inches. 1 ditto. 36 inch, two sets of flares and flags, one set of assorted cold scissors, one set of matching socket wrenches, assorted 20 foot chains, one auxiliary stretcher, two sets, arm and leg braces, two gas masks, a pair of rubber gloves, two blankets (folded the Ackerman way), a pair of insulated wire cutters, two first aid kits of 36 units, one tannic acid spray kit, one group first aid kit of 50 to 75 people. four additional woolen blankets (also folded Ackerman way), six. 12 × 18 foot reclaimed blankets, tar paper roll. beam of slats, various salvage tools, hammer, nails, etc. A 21/2 gal. Foam fire extinguisher, one gallon carbon tetrachloride type.

East this a fully equipped platform or is this. I hesk you!

Well, sir, only one thing is missing, and I won’t tell you what it is, but I will say it would be a worthy “PinchHitter” for the last two elements, and I say it with no apologies to the “town crier” of Here are readers, The fame of radio and cinema. Can you guess what the item is?

Besides, I had no difficulty obtaining this information, and it proves that the mail circulates regularly between here and Minneapolis, because it comes from the “Box 45 Associates “ of the Twin-Cities and is their list of what they carry on their platform.

You may remember that I told you that they did emergency and rescue work this way and that it was an independent, volunteer team, operating outside the city limits.

Over here, our neighbor, General Warren Emergency (and Salvage) Company of Haverstraw, has just installed a battery-operated telephone set, for communication between the truck and distant positions within a quarter-mile radius. Guess we’ll have to try this on our next disaster call.

Here is a good use of donations received from home owners or others who bless you for saving their property with salvage covers.

An outfit near my house (I could throw a rock at their quarters, but I’m told not to mention the name so often), recently received such a donation for leaving blankets on a roof for an unusually long period of time. They’re going to buy sophomore blankets for this kind of job, so that won’t deprive someone else of using their good blankets.

Funny how really tall men like Dr Archer can find the time to write to a struggling columnist, but the many firefighters and officers, paid and volunteers, who might be able to get a practical benefit of this blurb do not even find the time to read it. I guess they are too busy


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Fonda Jackson Gethers Obituary (1965 – 2021) – Denver, CO

Honda Lynette Jackson is the second child born to John D. and Emma G. Jackson on May 7, 1965, in Denver, Colorado. She grew up in a Christian home participating in worship activities at Zion Baptist Church. Being “sandwiched” between his older sister, Frieda and younger brother, Fulton contributed to a courageous and competitive spirit and Christian faith that will continue throughout childhood and beyond.
Spiritual / religious, Fonda developed a love to participate in church activities from age 5 to adulthood, sing in choir, inaugurate church, attend Sunday school, at BTU (Baptist Training Union), vacation Bible school, and Christian language efforts. She was baptized at the age of 12 and became a serious student of the Bible in her church youth group, seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of the scriptures and researching the scriptures independently and by chatting with parents and others.
Academically, she has often said “I have to work harder on (my) grades than Frieda and Buster (Fulton)”, an example of her determination and love for learning. Fonda excelled in elementary, middle and high schools with B + and A grades. She took piano, ballet, skiing and swimming lessons (until the instructor told her to “jump” in. the deep pool, saying, “I’ll catch you” and she didn’t). Fonda has found her “niche” in public speaking and speech writing, speaking in her Grade 9 refresher program and her graduation class.
Awards for the oratory include, but are not limited to: Speech club Hiedler Speech Award, final year at George Washington High School, Denver, where a plaque is currently hung. Others are related to the oratory and scholarships, including the Sachs Foundation Academic Fellowship, the United Church Ushers of America Oratory Competition, the Star District Order of the ‘Is and the national speaking contest, and the optimist club speaking contest. Each of his speeches had a religious and social connection.
After high school, her education continued at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee and Metropolitan State University of Colorado where she excelled academically and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
She was blessed with the birth of her children, Toshyanna, October 1984, and Xavier, February 1988. With her faith and trust in the Lord, she was able to navigate her life raising her two young children and achieving his personal goals. She attended and enrolled her children in religious programs at the Heritage Christian Center, while maintaining close ties with her Zion Church family. She never lost sight of Christ in her life. Through enduring determination, prayer and faith, Fonda was endowed with a faithful and devoted husband, Rocky Gethers. Rocky and Fonda married on November 20, 1993 and began their life together in Ridgeville, South Carolina. With this union, Fonda was fortunate to have two stepchildren, Darryl Andrews and Chastity Gethers. In April 1995, Fonda and Rocky were lucky enough to have their youngest daughter, Rachel.
While planting roots in South Carolina, Fonda continued to develop her faith through fellowship in various ways and was a dedicated member of Haven Ministries, under the leadership of Pastors Darlene and Ronnie Benjamin. She was a faithful employee of the First Assembly of God in Charleston, where she began as a kindergarten teacher at Evangel Christian School and currently served as the pastor’s executive assistant, until her passing.
Fonda has served her community in a number of ways, including volunteering to participate in women’s Bible studies at a women’s shelter, One 80 Place. She was never afraid to tell others about her faith in God.
Fonda was dedicated to his family, his church and those around him. She was known for her contagious smile that could light up any room, her encouraging spirit, and her legendary hugs. She was one of God’s strongest soldiers. His faith was unwavering. She loved and cared for others in the manner of Christ. She was determined, loving, loyal, virtuous and spiritual at times. She enjoyed a good game of charades, grilling, reading her bible and singing songs of worship. She will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known this strong and kind woman. To know Fonda was to love him.
She is predeceased by her father, Deacon John D. Jackson.
Fonda Lynette Jackson Gethers left her earthly life on Friday September 10, 2021. Those left behind to cherish her memory and mourn her loss include her loving and devoted husband, Rocky Gethers; her children, Toshyanna (Montez) Roberts-Aiken, Xavier Roberts, Rachel (Devin) Gethers-McMichael, Chastity Gethers and Darryl Andrews; her mother, Emma G. Jackson; his brother, Fulton (Kecia) Jackson; his sister, Frieda McMurray; her precious grandchildren, whom she loved dearly, Tyanna Lyles, Brianna Roberts, Xavier Roberts Jr., Malakai Aiken, Sebastian Roberts, Zyonna Gethers and Caiden Gethers; her brothers-in-law, James (Renee) Gethers Jr., Maxwell (Kathy) Gethers, Rodney (Emma) Gethers, Justin (Juquetta) Gethers; sisters-in-law, Gilda Noil, Christina (CJ) Jones; and a host of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and many friends.
Funeral arrangements courtesy of The Low Country Mortuary 1852 East Montague Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405.

Posted by Legacy on September 16, 2021. reports daily on death announcements in local communities across the country. Visit our funeral home directory for more local information, or see our FAQ page to help you find obituaries and send your condolences.

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HUBUC joins the Fintech Express Mastercard program to foster innovation in the Fintech and B2B SaaS sectors in Europe

Barcelona, ​​Spain – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – HUBUC, a central integrated financial services supported by Y-Combinator, is pleased to announce that it is now an official partner of Mastercard via the Fintech Express program. Mastercard works with fintech companies at all stages of growth and transformation – market entry, expansion, product development, diversification and innovation and connects them with partners like HUBUC to find new ways to innovate. These partnerships will allow new Fintech and B2B SaaS products to emerge in Spain, Germany, France and other European countries.

Through this partnership, HUBUC can provide a single component or the integration of a complete set of integrated financial components to support every step of the digital journey of the end consumer, from card use to management and delivery. customer engagement.

Next-generation integrated financial services company focused on B2B (SaaS) software as a service, HUBUC’s innovative platform with Mastercard as a partner of choice, can help improve the existing product offering of new customers with secure and programmable virtual and physical solutions. cards to:

  • Improve the management of business expenses

  • Offer unique social benefits

  • Facilitate flexible salary payments

For HUBUC, teaming up with Mastercard via the Fintech Express program is an ideal solution, in particular with regard to HUBUC’s desire to support innovative companies in Spain, Germany, France as well as throughout Europe who wish to have a payment product as part of their core business and are looking for an accelerated time-to-market.

This will benefit companies looking to integrate payment products for uses such as:

  • Digital payments

  • Business expense management

  • Benefits / loyalty programs

Additionally, HUBUC’s exposure to clients in the European Union and UK makes it a potential partner for any Fintech and B2B SaaS company located in this region. By partnering with core businesses such as Mastercard, HUBUC stays close to the heart of the payments industry.

“The partnership with Mastercard through the Fintech Express program is the last step for HUBUC, a decision that allows us to further expand our presence in Spain and throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom,” said the CEO of HUBUC, Hasan Nawaz. “Through this partnership with Mastercard, HUBUC is working with a global leader, which allows us to work within the global epicenter of financial services and payments in general.

“Mastercard is delighted to welcome HUBUC to our program as we work together to transform the future of commerce and develop new innovative payment solutions across Europe. This is a great partnership as we both support innovation, better payment experiences and new possibilities for other players in the ecosystem, ”said Jason Lane, Executive Vice President, Business Development. market for Mastercard Europe.


HUBUC is an integrated financial services provider that allows businesses to access all services through a single platform, with the ability to bring them online in a matter of weeks. HUBUC enables clients to integrate the financial services they need to grow their business, including card issuance, bank account opening and KYC processes in 54 countries, IBAN / VAN issuance, transfer money, currency exchange services, dynamic spending controls and real-time notifications. HUBUC also manages full regulatory compliance and integration complexities on behalf of its business partners. It can onboard customers within days, drastically reducing the time and additional investment required and allowing them to bring payment capabilities to market faster.

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HUBUC works with card issuers to provide physical cards to its business customers.

About Mastercard (NYSE: MA), Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry. Our mission is to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential. Our decency quotient, or DQ, drives our culture and everything we do inside and outside of our business. With connections in more than 210 countries and territories, we are building a sustainable world that opens up invaluable possibilities for all. Follow us on twitter @MastercardEU @MastercardNews, join the discussion on Beyond the transactional blog and subscribe for the latest news on the Commitment office.

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C3 AI announces general availability of C3 AI CRM

REDWOOD CITY, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the enterprise AI application software company, today announced the general availability of C3 AI CRM. C3 AI CRM works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Siebel, Veeva, ServiceNow, Vlocity and SAP to enable businesses to fully invest in AI. C3 AI CRM incorporates a new AI-based graphical interface that provides rich visualizations of sales, market and customer data to deliver insights that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

“At Siebel Systems, we invented CRM,” said Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of C3 AI. “With C3 AI CRM, we are reinventing and reinventing CRM – a market with an installed base of over $ 500 billion – by enabling organizations to fully enable AI for their existing CRM investments.”

Installed and fully operational in as little as 60 days, C3 AI CRM provides a fully empowered AI CRM for sales staff, sales management and executive management, offering the following AI-enabled capabilities:

  • Accurate AI revenue and product forecasting to reduce forecasting errors by up to 500%.

  • AI Next Best Product and Next Best Offer to accelerate sales for future periods up to the current quarter.

  • AI Customer Retention to identify customers who may unsubscribe and recommend actions to increase retention.

  • Predictive Customer Satisfaction which enables businesses to predictively track trends in customer satisfaction and engagement, enabling businesses to carefully plan and design their customer satisfaction levels.

  • Predictive relationship modeling to enable sales and management to leverage AI to graphically visualize all the intricacies of human, customer and market dynamics in real time.

Importantly, C3 AI CRM provides a rich graphical, AI-powered user experience that fundamentally redefines the CRM human-machine interaction paradigm, harnessing the full power of the C3 AI suite – the complete platform. C3 AI data integration and application development – to generate rich, real-time visualizations of sales, market and customer data. No longer limited by cumbersome tables and forms, sales staff and executives can now interact with rich AI visualizations to drive revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction.

C3 AI CRM includes:

  • C3 AI business vision. Predictive modeling of real-time relationships, including virtual inter-organizational work teams and org charts, allowing sellers to see their colleagues’ relationships with buyers and influencers on current and potential customer accounts.
  • C3 AI market vision. Visualizes the interrelationships at the intersection of business, customer, third parties, and exogenous factors, enabling salespeople and business managers to identify the connections between their business and their customers.
  • Customer vision of the AI ​​C3. Predictive Customer Satisfaction Scoring identifies factors that drive satisfaction, enabling management to increase customer retention.

C3 AI CRM enables seamless integration of data from existing CRM systems with open source data, Snowflake, SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, Ariba, Workday and NetSuite, as well as news, social media, actions and industry-specific raw material prices and econometrics as a source of information. C3 AI CRM provides rich natural language processing (NLP) capabilities that use semantic information inherent in news, social media, text, financial reports, and analyst reports to inform C3’s machine learning algorithms AI CRM.

C3 AI CRM is immediately available today on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and IBM Cloud. Learn more about

About, Inc., Inc. (NYSE: AI) is the enterprise AI application software company accelerating the digital transformation of organizations around the world. C3 AI offers a family of fully integrated products: C3 AI® Suite, an end-to-end platform for the development, deployment and operation of large-scale AI applications; C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS AI applications; C3 AI CRM, a suite of industry-specific CRM applications designed for AI and machine learning; and C3 AI Ex Machina, a codeless AI solution for applying data science to everyday business problems. The core of the C3 AI offering is an open, model-based AI architecture that dramatically simplifies data science and application development. Learn more about:

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Best Sonny Chiba Movies, Ranked

A former assassin, who has long since left this life, sees his marriage interrupted by a massacre perpetrated by his former colleagues: the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and their leader, Bill. The Bride (Uma Thurman), as we know her, surprisingly survives and returns for revenge for the team in an epic and much-loved film. She leaves a trail of bloody, sleek bodies in her wake, and in the process, we find out she was pregnant (a fact that even Bill doesn’t know). This film sees her teardowns of the first two Vipers, Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) and O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu).

It’s a mind-boggling homage to samurai and murderer cinema (with a few more western features) and a key film in Tarantino’s work. Sonny Chiba plays retired master swordsman Hattori Hanzō, a legendary craftsman who comes out of retirement to right an unnamed wrong and make The Bride one final piece of world-class steel. This is the first installment of a two-volume film (continued the following year), and together the couple forge an elegant, action-packed tribute to genres that wouldn’t have been the same without Sonny Chiba. . Here, the character of Chiba is essential and his performance memorable, a deserved tribute to his own cinematic legacy and those he has helped shape throughout his long career.

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