Benefits for everyone or just for the needy? Manchin’s request concentrates the debate

In a private meeting with Mr Biden and nearly a dozen House Democrats in transitional districts on Tuesday, the prospect of limiting who could benefit from the promised two years of free community college emerged as part of a broader discussion of the program, according to Rep. Susan Wild, Democrat of Pennsylvania.

But, she added, “the general feeling was that we shouldn’t put means testing in place for universal child care, or let’s call it universal preschool.”

“It’s completely out of the child’s control, obviously, and it’s an unfair obstacle,” she said.

The politics of debate are obscure. Republicans love to attack Democrats for paying benefits to the rich. They caricature the tax credits meant to switch the country to electric vehicles as subsidies for Tesla owners and poke fun at federally paid family and medical leave by targeting executives who are already enjoying the benefits of their company. . The children of millionaires, they warn, will be among those who go to community college for free.

“The Democratic Party has become the party of the rich and have-not,” wrote Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, the Republican head of the House Budget Committee, in an essay for the Washington Examiner published Tuesday.

Many accusations are exaggerated. The kids of millionaires may not flock to community college, free or not. Ms. Sherrill’s amendment lifted the income cap on child care tax assistance, but the benefit is still set to limit child care costs to no more than 7 percent of child care expenses. a family. For truly wealthy families, child care is a much lower percentage than that, so the subsidies would still be limited. A wealth cap of $ 1 million still applies to the program as well.

And since Republicans argue that spending helps the rich, they denounce tax increases clearly aimed at the rich.

Still, the charges could sting.

“There are programs where I say, if the government helps someone like me, that money probably comes from someone who needs it a lot more,” Kaine said.

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Engravers support Vannatta’s vision for a world without fear and violence

“Roots and Wings: Our Gifts from Mother Nature,” prints by various artists and sculptures by Beth Vannatta, are now on display in the Regier Gallery at the Luyken Fine Arts Center.

Vannatta’s vision and passion is also on display, reinforced by a group of artists who have come together to support this vision.

Vannatta, a retired art teacher from Halstead, has devoted his time in recent years to sculpture and speaking out against war and violence.

A group of printmakers organized under the name Springdale Printmakers to create work that supports Vannatta, more specifically by raising money through the sale of prints.

“Roots and Wings: Our Gifts from Mother Nature” is on display at the Regier de Bethel Art Gallery at the Luyken Fine Arts Center until October 22.

The opening hours of the gallery are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. There is no admission fee.

The exhibition features prints, as well as sculptures by Vannatta.

The goal of “Roots and Wings” is to promote the art of printmaking and to recognize the rich visual tradition of the Great Plains region.

The show travels across Kansas with the goal of acquainting viewers with regional artists and making original hand-made prints available to the public.

The inspiration for “Roots and Wings” is the Prairie Printmakers, which created nationally recognized exhibits in the United States during the Great Depression.

“Roots and Wings” will serve as both a fundraiser and a promotional tool for the Springdale Art and Nature Center.

The latter is another vision of Vannatta. She plans to transform her home on the prairie into an outdoor space where her passion for art, education and nature can be shared and preserved.

“Well, in the last quarter of my life,” says Vannatta, “I realized that if I didn’t share my knowledge and materials, everything would soon be gone.

“I have decided to donate my 48 acre farm, my tools and equipment, my sculpture and my teaching skills to further the growth of the Springdale Art and Nature Center, a 501 non-profit organization. (c) 3. “

In his artist statement, Vannatta continues: “I feel a deep love for humanity and a deep distress in the face of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow men.

“My sculpture consists of three main subjects: the beginning of life, the end of life and the suffering of life. War certainly contributes greatly to suffering and to the end.

“I have messages to say and sculpture is the medium.”

Vannatta taught at Hutchinson High School for 27 years and also taught a jewelry design course at Hutchinson Community College for 12 years, while raising five adopted children.

Since retiring, she has focused on her “artistic love” of sculpture – although she began working in the medium while still teaching.

Ten of the plays were part of a tour of the United States that Vannatta did about a decade ago, including stops in Santa Fe, Portland, Chicago and Washington, DC The Bethel Show includes even more plays than during of the tour.

The Springdale Art and Nature Center is located on US Highway 50, just west of Halstead, and Vannatta says visitors are welcome.

“Roots and Wings: Our Gifts from Mother Nature” is in the Regier Gallery until October 22.

Bethel is a four-year liberal arts college founded in 1887 and the oldest Mennonite college in North America. Known for its academic excellence, Bethel ranks 15th in the Washington Monthly list of “Best colleges of license” and n ° 31 in American News and World Report, Best Regional Colleges Midwest, both for 2021-22. Bethel was the only college or university in Kansas selected for the American Association of College & Universities’ 2021 Institute on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation. For more information see

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Community Friendship Volunteer Program to Help Elders in St. Lawrence County | Donations to the community

OGDENSBOURG – The New York State Office of the Aging is providing $ 25,000 to start a new program in St. Lawrence County called the Community Friendship Volunteer Program, which will allow volunteers to help seniors with various daily tasks.

The program, Community Friendship Volunteer Program (CFVP), helps build age-friendly communities by ensuring that older residents stay in their homes, maintain their independence, have access to services and recreation in their community, and do not frequent long-term care facilities. unless that level of care is required.

The program is in partnership with the Community Health Center of the North Country (CHCNC). At a press conference at the CHCNC in Ogdensburg at 102 Ford Street, St. Lawrence County Administrator Ruth Doyle said she was delighted to announce the new program and the partnership with the St. Lawrence County that will help seniors age in place.

“It’s called the Community Friendship Volunteer Program, a program where volunteers help seniors with a variety of tasks – grocery shopping, socializing, meal preparation, laundry, phone comfort, dining or events and more. This program is supported by the Community Health Center of the North Country and we are very grateful for their sponsorship to implement this exceptional program in St. Lawrence County, ”said Doyle.

The New York State Office for the Aging’s $ 25,000 contribution will help launch the program, according to Doyle.

“I would like to thank the Acting Director of the New York State Office for Aging, Greg Olson and his team for their outstanding support, vision, leadership and advocacy on behalf of seniors,” said T she declared.

Andrea Montgomery, director of the St. Lawrence County Office of Aging, said there are over 24,000 seniors in the county who all have the same goal – aging in place – in a safe, happy and healthy way.

“It’s services like the Community Friendship Volunteer Program that are essential in helping them do just that. I am more than delighted that this amazing program is being implemented in our county and I would like to thank the Northern Community Health Center for implementing this program in St. Lawrence County. The Community Friendship Volunteer Program has been a huge success for years in Franklin County and I look forward to helping the countless seniors it will help here, ”said Montgomery.

New York State Office for Aging director Greg Olsen was also present at the press conference.

“The CFVP is unlike any other program in the northern region of the country. Many people lose touch with their community and unfortunately do not have the support they need to carry out their daily activities. The CFVP was created to respond directly to this need, “said Olsen,” Not only do recipients benefit from this form of assistance, but we also know that there is a positive impact on health and well-being. of a person when they volunteer to help others. We are delighted to support this important volunteer program and its expansion in St. Lawrence County.

Montgomery said volunteers are needed to make this program a success.

“For this program to work, they need volunteers! If you have even an hour a week or a month to devote to a local elder, please contact us. At the Office for Aging, volunteers are a key part of our success and enable us to help thousands of seniors in our county each year, ”said Montgomery,“ It is an amazing feeling to know that you have done a difference in the life of an elderly person. They still appreciate the support so much and show that appreciation with smiles, hugs, tears, thank you cards, letters and sometimes even delicious homemade treats. “

If you would like to learn more about your opportunity to help a local senior in place, please contact the Community Friendship Volunteer Program at (315) 379-8345 or call the Office for Aging at (315) 386-4730 .

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Help WeHo clean up the Orange County oil spill

The City of West Hollywood encourages community members to make donations to organizations in dire need of contributions to support cleanup, wildlife rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the great offshore oil spill off the coast of Orange County in Southern California on Saturday October 2, 2021. With more than 130,000 gallons of leaks and circulating along the shoreline, the spill leaves behind a trail of thick mud devastating wildlife and ecological reserves.

The city of West Hollywood activates itsWest Hollywood respondsprogram to help encourage contributions to agencies and organizations working on cleanup and salvage. The City has a list of organizations on its website

“As we witness the devastating effects of the climate emergency unfold in myriad ways around the world, the news of this oil spill hits our community closely. Many residents and businesses in the city of West Hollywood are asking what they can do to help, ”said Lauren Meister, Mayor of the City of West Hollywood. “Trained spill response personnel are deployed to stop the spread of oil and clean up affected parts of the environment, so volunteers are not needed at this time. But donations are essential to help organizations meet the overwhelming needs. I hope that our community can give generously to support the work being done to help affected wildlife and to help the teams in their work to restore the shoreline and the ecosystem. “

West Hollywood core values ​​includeResponsiveness to the publicandEnvironmental responsibility. The City of West Hollywood is firmly committed to protecting and enhancing the natural and built environments. As such, the City is aware of the important role that local governments and organizations play in mobilizing aid for communities in the event of a disaster.

In 2005, West Hollywood City Council first establishedWest Hollywood respondsas a local disaster relief program developed to provide assistance to the Gulf Coast region in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It has been reactivated several times in recent years.

Some organizations that raise donations to support oil spill cleanup, wildlife rescue, and recovery efforts include:

Local and state agencies note that public volunteers are not needed at this time and can, in fact, hamper response efforts. Volunteer efforts may become available in one or more of the following organizations and agencies:

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StructionSite is the first to integrate Procore BIM, offering greater project predictability to corporate clients

Allowing users to instantly compare their BIM models to what’s actually happening on-site via VideoWalks and 360 Photos is a game-changer.

Construction site, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent project tracking software for the construction industry, today announced that it has become the first technology provider to fully integrate with building information modeling software (BIM) from Procore. Procore BIM helps teams improve project predictability by taking 3D models out of the office and putting them in the hands of the people who set up and validate the work in the field. Now the integration of StructionSite with Procore BIM allows users to perform a side-by-side comparison of a model with VideoWalks or 360 Photos from StructionSite. This helps teams verify that work is going as planned by comparing reality to their 3D design models. This integration can be used natively within the StructionSite application, providing even more value to StructionSite’s broad corporate customer base.

“We are incredibly excited about StructionSite’s further integration with Procore BIM, especially since we share so many common clients,” said Kristopher Lengieza, senior director of business development at Procore. “Allowing users to instantly compare their BIM models to what’s actually happening on-site through VideoWalks and 360 Photos is a game-changer. We have made it very easy to identify where the differences lie so that projects can stay on track and any adjustments can be made in the moment. We believe this will save clients a lot of time, money and headache during their projects.

With this integration, information is pulled directly from Procore as soon as the latest models are updated, so installations are always compared to the most recent versions. Additionally, users can share side-by-side comparisons to generate an RFI or provide information to stakeholders in the event of a discrepancy. The capabilities of StructionSite and Procore also make it easy to communicate field conditions to the office and verify work flow as planned.

Expand your corporate footprint

The launch of these new joint capabilities comes as StructionSite secures several new corporate agreements. The company added The Walsh Group, one of North America’s largest and most established builders, as well as Clayco Inc. and Pogue Construction to its impressive client list. StructionSite is now used by organizations such as Ryan Companies, McCownGordon and ENR Top 20 Contractors – McCarthy Building Companies, PCL Construction, Skanska and DPR Construction.

“Construction technology changes rapidly and we are always on the lookout for tools and services that can help us maximize our resources and productivity. StructionSite’s technology allows us to capture site conditions, verify installation quality and validate progress more efficiently than ever, ”said Dan Smolilo, Director of Process and Innovation at The Walsh Group. “We tested several different solutions and chose to partner with StructionSite, providing the best combination of productivity, performance and overall value for Walsh and our customers. Several of our project teams have realized the benefits of the solution for over a year now, and we felt it was time to come up with a more standardized solution in our different regions. Our teams love its ease of use and our clients appreciate the visibility they get when we bring their project to life.

StructionSite currently provides the most sophisticated project tracking platform on the market, with workflows that combine decades of jobsite knowledge with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Persistent growth and innovation to help clients track their projects more effectively and increase profitability

Since its initial product launch in 2017, customers have used StructionSite technology to capture more than $ 150 billion in build volume, providing them with unprecedented documentation and insight related to both progress and quality. Builders Seeking a Competitive Advantage Turn to StructionSite to Increase the Profitability and Overall Efficiency of Their Project Teams, Which Has Driven Rapid Customer Adoption and 3X Yearly Growth to the other active projects.

During the past year, the company has continued to make progress in product development. In addition to the Procore BIM integration, StructionSite reduced the runtime of its 360 video processing engine by 10 times while simultaneously experiencing a 4 times increase in data passing through its system. The performance improvements are largely due to the new StructionSite proprietary computer vision engine being deployed.

The company also has plans for a major expansion of its SmartTrack product line, the industry’s first photo-based tracking system that requires only 360-degree video and 2D construction drawings. SmartTrack is the first module built on the basic StructionSite Site Documentation platform to give project teams web and mobile access to job sites anywhere, anytime.

“When I met my co-founder Philip on a hospital project in 2013, he was walking the site with a set of paper maps and a highlighter, manually tracking progress. The DNA of this team, with real world experience that actually does the work we automate now, is what makes us different, ”said Matt Daly, CEO and co-founder of StructionSite. “We’ve set out to transform how job sites operate, and the company’s rapid growth, continuous innovation, partnerships and integrations show that we offer products that matter and make a real difference to our customers. “

About StructionSite

StructionSite removes the gray area from construction by giving builders smarter tools and unbiased data on the status of their projects. Thanks to our intelligent project monitoring platform, teams get detailed information on the status of work carried out on a site. Using our iOS or Android app, walk around the site recording a 360 ° video and our AI-based algorithms map them to the project drawing. SmartTrack translates photo data into regular updates of installed work, providing actionable insights to your team. Learn more about

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KPMG Launches Multi-Year Program to Accelerate Global Solutions to Environmental, Social and Governance Problems

Content of the article

LONDON – As part of its ongoing multi-billion dollar investment program, KPMG plans to spend more than US $ 1.5 billion over the next three years to focus specifically on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) change agenda. The ESG strategy is designed to help clients of KPMG firms make a positive difference. Importantly, this strategy is underpinned by KPMG’s recognition of its responsibility to improve its impact on the world and the ESG commitments outlined in KPMG: Our Impact Plan.

Collective investment will focus on training and expanding KPMG’s global workforce, leveraging data, accelerating the development of new technologies and taking action through partnerships, alliances and advocacy. The key to the transformation will be to integrate ESG into the organization and customer solutions to drive measurable change.

The new global ESG strategy focuses on five priority areas:



Five new dedicated Hubs must be in place to provide world-class expertise and solutions on key ESG issues, these will focus on:

  • Global decarbonization, help large multinational companies meet their net zero commitments and plan their decarbonization journey, and
  • Global ESG Council, supported by the consulting teams of KPMG firms, providing industry-leading ESG expertise, including leadership on societal issues and solutions.
  • Three KPMG regional ESG centers will also be established in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas to provide clients with easy access to world-class knowledge and expertise across the ESG agenda.

KPMG will invest in its leading climate and ESG solutions and technologies, including Climate IQ, a digital tool that helps clients identify opportunities and risks associated with climate change. To complement the technology investments, the global organization will also increase its staff, both for ESG advisory work and to provide assurance on ESG disclosures. In addition, KPMG will develop its proprietary audit workflow technology to enable the delivery of ESG assurance with the same quality and rigor that KPMG firms apply to financial audit work.



ESG training will be provided to all 227,000 employees of the KPMG organization to ensure that everyone has the means to be an agent of positive change. As part of this training, KPMG works with two leading global academic institutions, the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge and the NYU Stern Executive Education:

  • The partnership with the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge will develop ESG skills, including the development of a learning framework and solutions to be applied across KPMG’s global organization, led by faculty from the business school and other experts associated with the school, starting with hundreds of business leaders. and with the ambition to reach all KPMG employees around the world.
  • The NYU Stern Executive Education collaboration will see the co-creation of a sustainability program for KPMG in the form of executive training.
3. Support developing countries

KPMG will launch KPMG accelerators for emerging markets for developing countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The purpose of these Emerging market accelerators is to ensure that regions of the world that lack expertise and resources will have a trusted advisor to support their economic and social development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Collaborations and alliances

KPMG recognizes that global problems will not be solved by a single organization, which is why the global organization relies on its collaboration with external organizations, including UNESCO, Enactus and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Through alliances with Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce and ServiceNow, KPMG is co-creating new tools and solutions that will provide essential data-driven insights that customers can use to map their ESG journeys and implement critical changes to respect their commitments.


Listen and act

To help support the engagement pillar of its global ESG strategy, KPMG is also launching a new campaign called ‘Voices for a Sustainable Future’, providing a platform to amplify the perspectives of established and new thinkers, by giving the speaking out to critical issues – from climate change to gender and race equality. The program will generate actionable information to help accelerate the journey to a more sustainable future.

Content of the article

Bill Thomas, global president and CEO of KPMG, said: “The way you grow matters, and what worked for us and other businesses in the past won’t work in the future. The world faces crises on many fronts, which is why we put the environmental, social and governance agenda at the heart of everything we do. ESG will be the watermark of our global organization; from empowering our employees to be agents of positive change, to serving our customers and partnering with critical stakeholders. KPMG has the global reach, expertise, technology and relationships that give us the ability and responsibility to use our position to provide solutions and services to overcome the challenges facing our planet and our society.

Richard Threlfall, Global Head of ESG and KPMG IMPACT said: “It is incumbent on all of us, as businesses and as individuals, to play our part in meeting the challenges that threaten the future of our planet and the quality of life of people around the world. Our global ESG strategy will help our employees make a difference, as well as mobilize the data and technology to support it. But we also recognize that the changes demanded by society will be achieved more effectively through open collaboration based on trust, and we will continue to seek partnership opportunities with other organizations that share our goal of enabling a better future for our people. everyone, everywhere. . ”

KPMG’s global ESG strategy comes less than a year after the organization’s launch KPMG: our impact plan, which presents the commitments of the world organization on ESG themes, with the ultimate objective of having an even greater positive impact on the world. KPMG was the first professional services organization to transparently report on the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Indicators. The plan sets out a series of goals, including a commitment to become a net zero carbon organization by 2030. The execution and acceleration of KPMG: our impact plan is a key priority for the global organization as it delivers on its commitments to tackle issues – from the climate crisis to social mobility and community engagement.

Jane Lawrie, Global Head of Corporate Affairs at KPMG, said: “We know that KPMG and our profession have an important and urgent opportunity to accelerate the change needed for a sustainable future; this change begins with us. Our impact plan, launched in January, explains how we intend to change our actions and commits to reporting on our progress so that we can be held accountable.

Content of the article

“The ESG program is as important to our employees as it is to our customers; these significant changes outlined today further strengthen KPMG’s goal of inspiring confidence and empowering change and acting as a north star for how we grow the organization.

To learn more about how KPMG is bringing this investment to life for our clients and employees, visit our website

About KPMG International: KPMG is a global organization of independent professional services firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. We operate in 146 countries and territories and in FY20 we had nearly 227,000 people working in member companies around the world. Each KPMG firm is and describes itself as a legally distinct and separate entity.

KPMG International Limited is a private UK company limited by guarantee. KPMG International Limited and its related entities do not provide services to clients.

About KPMG IMPACT: Launched in June 2020, KPMG IMPACT is the accelerator of KPMG’s global ESG strategy. It is the platform that supports and empowers KPMG professionals as they help clients achieve their goal, achieve their ESG goals and support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals around the world. He assists his clients in the areas of ESG and sustainable development, economic and social development, sustainable finance, climate change and decarbonization, as well as measurement, insurance and reporting.

About KPMG: Our impact plan: KPMG: Our impact plan is the organization’s premier global environmental, social and governance (ESG) plan.

The plan also lists current data across the global organization and reports against metrics outlined in a report created by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and written in consultation with its International Business Council (IBC), titled Measuring stakeholder capitalism (PDF 1.92 MB), which KPMG played a key role in shaping.

KPMG will continue to strengthen its commitments outlined in the plan and improve reporting on our progress in the months and years to come.

Click here to read KPMG: our impact plan in full.

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Mark Walters, Global Head of Communications
[email protected] / + 1-212-872-7679


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Tesla investors will vote to oust James Murdoch and Kimbal Musk from the board.

Tesla shareholders will vote Thursday on proposals to force the electric car maker to be more transparent and accountable in its dealings with its employees, just days after a jury ordered the company to pay $ 137 million to a former worker who claimed to have been subjected to racism.

The votes will take place at the company’s annual meeting of shareholders, where some investors also hope to oust two directors chosen by management – James Murdoch, the former executive of 21st Century Fox, and Kimbal Musk, the director’s brother. Tesla General Elon Musk.

If any of those efforts were to succeed, it would be a big rebuke to Tesla, the dominant maker of electric cars and a Wall Street phenomenon, and Mr. Musk’s control over the company. Tesla is by far the most valuable automaker in the world and its stocks have a dedicated following among professional and individual investors.

Activist shareholders have submitted five proposals to force Tesla to disclose more information about its efforts to diversify its workforce, how it handles employee conflict and its human rights record. The proposals also include calls for more oversight on how Tesla manages employees and to require directors to show up every year, instead of every three years.

Tesla’s board opposes all of these measures and has encouraged investors to re-elect Mr. Murdoch and Kimbal Musk.

On Monday, a federal jury dealt Tesla a blow by siding with Owen Diaz, a former entrepreneur who said he suffered repeated racist harassment while working at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, Calif. , in 2015 and 2016. The jury ordered Tesla to pay Mr. Diaz. $ 137 million. Tesla faces similar charges from dozens of other people in a class action lawsuit.

According to a proposal from Calvert Research and Management, a company that focuses on responsible investing and owned by Morgan Stanley, Tesla should publish annual reports on its diversity and inclusion efforts.

Another proposal, from Nia Impact Capital, which owns less than 1,000 Tesla shares, would force the automaker to publish a report on its practice of using binding arbitration to resolve employee disputes. The practice, Nia argued in its proposal, poses “a long-term risk” to Tesla and can make it more difficult for companies to identify and tackle widespread discrimination.

Separately, ISS, a company that advises investors on shareholder votes and corporate governance matters, opposed the election of Mr. Murdoch and Kimbal Musk because it claims the board of directors does not has not justified the remuneration it pays to some of its members, including nearly $ 6. million dollars last year to Robyn Denholm, who chairs the board of directors, and over $ 9 million to Hiromichi Mizuno, mostly in the form of stock option awards.

While Mr. Murdoch only received $ 32,500 for serving on the board last year and Mr. Musk received $ 20,000, the amounts paid to other members are much higher than in the large similar businesses, according to ISS. Since Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Musk are the only members standing for election, they should be denied the opportunity to continue serving on the board, ISS said.

“As a result, support is not guaranteed for directors responsible for approving director compensation,” the company said in a note to clients last month.

Mr. Musk and Mr. Murdoch own shares and options in the company that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars at the current share price, according to Tesla’s latest proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tesla’s board has said the pair are expected to stay. Mr. Murdoch provides the company with in-depth management experience, knowledge of international markets and experience in adopting new technologies, he said in a securities filing. Mr. Musk brings experience in the retail and consumer markets and technology companies. Mr. Murdoch has served on the Tesla Board of Directors since 2017 and Kimbal Musk has been a member since 2004.

Pierre Eavis contributed reports.

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Reunion at Rogers High School this week


James Park, a junior nursing student at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Korean American Scholarship Foundation scholarship. Park was one of 20 students from the Southwest region to receive the scholarship.

KASF is a non-profit organization established to help meet the financial needs of Korean-American students who wish to pursue higher education.

Park, who will graduate in May 2023, assists patients at Siloam Nursing and Rehab with her mandatory clinical placements at a nursing school.

John Brown University is a premier private Christian university, training students to honor God and serve others since 1919.



The University of Arkansas at Little Rock welcomed 99 new members of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps who joined the University Leadership Program during the 2021-22 school year.

CLC is a leadership development program that provides a student-centered experience focused on leadership building, academic achievement and cultivates a dedicated service learning environment that will positively impact the community.

CLC scholarship recipients receive a financial envelope totaling up to $ 32,000 through a renewable four-year scholarship. CLC is UA Little Rock’s oldest and largest program. Dr. Dorothy Truex started the program in 1976 with just 17 scholarship recipients.

Local students selected for the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps include Jacob Adams, a graduate of Bentonville High School; Abigail Gavina, a graduate of Waldron High School; Madison Popa, a graduate of Southside High School in Fort Smith; Shaelyn Pouncil, graduate of Alpena High School; and Stéphanie Sandoval, graduate of Decatur high school.

Members of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. In addition to their academic work, CLC students volunteer for community service on campus and in the community. They also participate in one professional or personal development program per academic year. CLC students are heavily involved in the management of the Trojan Food Pantry and the Trojan Career Closet.



Lehigh University Welcomes William Stewart of Fort Smith to Class of 2025!

Members of the Class of 2025 represent 43 U.S. states and territories, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, and 29 countries, making it one of the most diverse and competitive classes ever admitted to Lehigh.

For more than 150 years, Lehigh University, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has combined exceptional academic and learning opportunities with leadership in promoting innovative research.



Two seniors from Rogers’ Providence Classical Christian Academy have been named National Merit Semifinalists, making PCCA the only private school in Northwest Arkansas to receive the honor of two laureates. Breck Husong and Christopher Henley, both PCCA students since kindergarten, are among 141 Arkansans and approximately 16,000 semifinalists nationwide named in the 67th annual National Merit Scholarship Program.

Christopher, who plans to major in biochemistry, is the son of Dr Noel and Marissa Henley of Springdale. Breck is the son of Rob and Carrie Husong of Cave Springs and plans to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. The two will continue to compete for some 7,500 national scholarships worth nearly $ 30 million to be offered next spring.

Founded in 2004, PCCA is a Christ-centered college prep school, consistently ranked among the top 10 private schools in Arkansas.



Samriti Gupta of Bentonville has been named to LIM College’s Dean’s List for the spring semester of 2021. To be on the Dean’s List, students must achieve a GPA of between 3.50 and 3.79.

Founded in 1939, LIM College, located in Manhattan, trains students to succeed in the global fashion business and its many related fields. As a pioneer of experiential education, or ‘learning by doing’, LIM College fosters a unique connection between real-world experience and the academic study of business principles, by offering master’s degree programs, baccalaureate and associate diploma.



Jaycie Keylon of Harrison, a student at the University of Mississippi’s Faculty of Pharmacy, received the traditional white coat during a ceremony at the Gertrude C. Ford Center in Oxford.

Keylon was one of 102 students to don the white coats and recite the Pledge to Professionalism that binds them to the responsibilities of the profession. The white coat is a symbol of professionalism and this ceremony marks the beginning of their professional journey to become a pharmacist.

Founded in 1908, the UM School of Pharmacy is ranked among the top 25 pharmacy schools in the country and is home to the internationally renowned National Center for Natural Products Research in Jackson, Mississippi.



This fall, the University of Iowa, located in Iowa City, hosted the most academically accomplished class in its history for the fifth consecutive year. The incoming undergrad class again surpassed previous achievement records with a higher high school grade point average (GPA) average, at 3.81, than any previous class.

Among those who signed up this fall were Melissa Alvarez of Lowell, majoring in psychology, and Kaylee Serrano of Rogers, majoring in computer science and engineering.



Raul Sierra of Rogers is one of 27 students who received a white coat from the College of Pharmacy at Harding University. The ceremony represents the educational transition from general undergraduate studies to professional pharmacy training.

Harding University is a private Christian liberal arts university located in Searcy.



Coach David Calloway and the coaching staff at Central Methodist University have released the Eagle 2021 football team roster. The following local students will compete for the Eagles at the NAIA Heart of America Conference:

Matthew Allred of Rogers; Roberto Palacios of Rogers; and Cooper Tillman of Garfield.

Since its founding in 1854, CMU has grown into a master’s, bachelor’s, and associate’s degree university through programming at its main campus in Fayette, Missouri, and through extension sites and online. .


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Rogers High School will celebrate the reunion with a coronation ceremony at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Whitey Smith Stadium. The Reunion Parade will follow starting at 4 p.m. in downtown Rogers. A pre-game presentation of Queen Aliza Tinnon and King Noah Goodshield and the court will take place at 6:30 p.m. The first year escorts are Zach Lawing, Corbin Willhite and Alan Perez, and the first year maids are Ainsley Biggs, Regina Valverde and Brooklyn Owens. The second year escorts are Nick Montoya, Colton Corcoran and Payson Jones, and the second year maids are Abbie Sappington, Ava Schlump and Anna Welton. The junior escorts are Eros Valencia, Lance Wike and Daniel Camacho, and the junior maids are Ella Bohannon, Aubrey Holloway and Karen Corletto. The senior escorts are Christian Elder, CJ Herman, Joel Garner and Alex Sanchez, and the senior servants are Dulce Trujillo, Grace Stahr, Ellie McEntire and Hailey Lairamore. Reid Tebbenkamp is the ball carrier and the crown carrier is Blake Grigsby. (Courtesy photo / RHS)

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new grant-funded program will bring socio-emotional learning through the arts to classrooms around Humboldt | Lost Coast Outpost


If we could forget that education never existed and start over, what would it be like?

It’s a question – originally posed by Project Zero of the Harvard Graduate School of Education – that Bill Funkhouser, an arts education specialist for the Humboldt County Office of Education, keeps in mind.

“For me, that’s kind of what creative education is. It’s about saying, “Let’s just forget about all that education baggage we have and really think about what works. What creates a collaborative and creative classroom community? ‘ »Said Funkhouser to Outpost.

HCOE recently learned that it is the recipient of a $ 3.3 million federal grant that will fund a program to bring socio-emotional learning through the arts to three local schools. The scope and objectives of the project – which will be called ArtSEL (Art / Social-Emotional Learning) – remind Funkhouser, which coordinates the program, of this question: What would a clean slate look like for education?

On the one hand, he believes it would involve a healthy and cohesive dose of socio-emotional learning practices, integrated into all aspects of a student’s day at school. Socio-emotional learning is about guiding students towards development anybody skills – things that are not necessarily in the curriculum, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and decision-making. Socio-emotional learning is not a new educational concept, but its application has exploded in recent years as more and more young people face mental health issues.

“We’re so focused on test results and that sort of thing. And we ask ourselves, “Why aren’t they succeeding?” ”, Said Funkhouser. “And I think often the answer is, well, what are we doing to meet their socio-emotional needs?”

Some teachers shy away from this responsibility, Funkhouser said, believing that it is up to parents to teach these skills to their children at home.

“I just see this as a real missed opportunity because at home they don’t have 30 other people from different backgrounds,” he said. “What a great opportunity to have the chance to communicate, collaborate, work creatively in a classroom community, isn’t it? And that’s what we’re looking for. That’s what we’re trying to establish here.

ArtSEL will run for five years and benefit three local K-8 schools to be determined. Every staff member of participating schools, from teachers to bus drivers and administrators, will undergo training in socio-emotional learning, which in the first year and with ongoing support over the next four. , will accumulate in hundreds of hours of training.

“We want everyone who might be involved in this child’s life to have been trained in what it means to understand socio-emotional learning. [and] to understand what creativity looks like, ”said Funkhouser. “We believe that anyone who interacts with children in these schools has the potential to make a difference. “

Stacy Young, director of the arts program at HCOE and director of ArtSEL, said there was rarely the funding to train staff in such a broad area. “Every adult in the life of a student has the opportunity to grow thanks to this grant,” Young told the Outpost. “It really makes sense for the students.”

Still deep in the pandemic, addressing the social and emotional needs of children is more important than ever, Young said, noting that this year’s third-graders have not had a normal school year since kindergarten. . “You look at these structures and social norms that have been disrupted. I would say this grant would be useful in any school in the United States, ”Young said.

Added to this are the high rates of foster children and homeless children in Humboldt, making the implementation of socio-emotional learning even more essential, Funkhouser said.

In many cases, art is the perfect vessel for teaching socio-emotional skills.

“We believe that children learn and thrive when their socio-emotional needs are met. And we believe the arts are a natural way to meet those needs, ”said Funkhouser. Staff training will focus on how to implement socio-emotional learning into the core curriculum, which can often be achieved through the arts.

For example, a collaborative art project can introduce young children to a multitude of socio-emotional skills.

“They have to learn to communicate what they think the artwork should look like, they have to learn to compromise,” Funkhouser said. “Then [the students] do this work of art and none of [them] own.”

Funkhouser referred to a specific lesson that he and (out of the box) Professor Jonathan Juravich collaborated to develop. Based on Arree Chung’s children’s book “Mixed” – which talks about a world where primary colors discover mixing after living apart from each other – the lesson, on the surface, is simply to mix the colors of the paint.

“It’s easier to talk about it in book terms, because there’s this distance of” Oh, we’re just talking about red and yellow, we’re not talking about racism, we’re not talking about xenophobia, we’re talking about are not talking about difficult topics yet. ‘ But we’re getting there, ”Funkhouser said. “I think this is an example of how SEL and the arts really work together.”

Funkhouser and Young agree that the arts are not valued enough in today’s classrooms. Too often the arts are reserved after other learning – like math, science and languages ​​- is completed, Funkhouser said, even though art can be integrated into and reinforce all subjects, and even if the benefits of the arts are vast, such as the socio-emotional learning that can accompany them.

“This is an academic grant, where higher order thinking is at the top of our goals, but it’s through the arts,” Funkhouser said.

Funkhouser and Young are enthusiastic and confident about the project, which has already got off to a promising start. Out of 109 applicants to the United States Department of Education, HCOE was one of 27 proposals that received a grant, and the application scored 298 out of 300 points.

ArtSEL is the second federally funded program that HCOE’s arts program has received and the fourth grant-funded program that Funkhouser has coordinated. The resources used and developed during these programs are all available at, which has accumulated hundreds of pages and is visited by tens of thousands of users each year. Funkhouser is launching a new website – – where all the resources developed for ArtSEL will be posted.

“[We’re] changing education in our community for children and future citizens of our region, ”said Funkhouser. “I think we are making a difference.

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Meredith’s national media group to be acquired by Dotdash from IAC

IAC and Meredith Corporation have announced an agreement under which IAC’s Dotdash digital publishing unit will acquire the entity that will own the National Media Group from Meredith Corporation, which includes its digital and magazine businesses and its corporate operations. According to Variety, the transaction has an enterprise value of $ 2.7 billion.

The transaction combines Dotdash’s digital publishing model with Meredith’s brand portfolio, audience and scale. Now called Dotdash Meredith and led by Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel, the combined company is expected to be one of the largest publishers in the United States with brands in all online business categories including home, health, l food, finance, parenthood and beauty. . The transaction will be closed by the end of the year.

“The Meredith family are extremely proud of all the company has accomplished over the past 120 years, which is a direct reflection of our dedicated employees,” said Mell Meredith Frazier, vice chairman of the board of directors of Meredith. “Our creative and dedicated employees have guided our beloved brands through a rapidly changing media landscape, enriching the lives of generations of Americans. The Meredith Foundation will continue to be an active member of the thriving Des Moines community, as will Dotdash Meredith.

“We have often found opportunities in the digital transformations of businesses and industries: travel, ticketing, dating, home services and now publishing. Meredith is already experiencing record digital growth and we believe Dotdash can help accelerate that growth, ”said Joey Levin. , Managing Director, IAC. “We admire consumer confidence in Meredith’s more than 40 brands when it comes to life’s essential decisions, and we believe that true and reliable content created by talented, supported writers, editors and photographers by real brands, has a very bright future on all platforms. Combined with Dotdash’s ability to provide readers with fresh and unbiased content on any topic, together we can deliver a uniquely engaged audience to advertisers and partners, not on the basis of private information or personal stories, but about the relevance of the content they consume and a deep understanding of their needs. No one will do it better than Dotdash Meredith. “

The transaction is structured as a cash acquisition of shares of the entity that will own the digital and magazine businesses of Meredith Corporation following its spin-off to shareholders of Meredith Corporation through the previously announced sale of the group business of Meredith Corporation. local media from Meredith Corporation to Gray Television. . The acquisition of IAC is expected to be funded by IAC. The transaction has been unanimously approved by the board of directors of IAC and Meredith Corporation and is not contingent on a vote of the shareholders of IAC or Meredith Corporation.

“Our digital business is growing rapidly, overtaking our magazine sales for the first time in company history,” said Tom Harty, President and CEO of Meredith. “The combination of Meredith’s famous cross-platform brands, creative content and first-party data with Dotdash’s digital brands is a game-changer for the industry. Nowhere else will you find such a high-end multimedia asset portfolio under one roof. We are delighted to join forces to accelerate the digital future of Meredith. “

“Dotdash is a digital company, and we have a very different lens on how we view publishing. Our success is built on creating the best content and the best online experiences for every topic we cover, without compromise,” says Vogel . “When we look at Meredith, we see a digitally driven business. We see a collection of iconic and revered brands with a rich heritage, category leaders and a similar focus on editorial excellence. We see unprecedented reach for women and a print business that delivers long-standing value to readers and advertisers, which we see as a strong platform to reach and engage consumers. The opportunities are limitless. Meredith can step into her digital future and together we can define our next chapter as Dotdash Meredith. “

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