JACKSON, Wyo. – Yesterday, Jessica Jaubert was honored as Rotarian of the Year by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (RCJH).

Jaubert, who is currently president-elect and chair of communications on the Rotary board of directors, was recognized for her service to the club in a year when most meetings were held remotely.

“Jessica has long dedicated her time and talent selflessly to our Rotary Lunch Club,” said President Melissa Turley. “She has intensified her efforts over the past year in myriad ways and has contributed to the vibrancy and public presence of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole in a remarkable way. “

President Melissa Turley and the Rotary Lunch Club also recognized Joe Albright as Rotarian of the Month for his exemplary work and dedication to educating people about COVID and vaccines in our community over the past 16 months.

Albright’s work with Teton County Public Health and St. John’s Health has helped the entire community in everything from contact tracing to vaccine awareness.

“His long hours as a volunteer have helped our valley immensely during a time of uncertainty and challenges,” said RCJH.

“Joe’s job since the start of the pandemic has been a job of service, selflessness and love for his community,” said President Melissa Turley. “Our club is fortunate to have leaders who stand up and volunteer their time in a way that inspires others about what service means and contributes to the health and safety of our valley.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Melissa Turley handed over the leadership of the Rotary Lunch Club to incoming President Jim Waldrop. Waldrop will run the local Rotary Lunch Club until summer 2022.

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Caroline Chapman is a community news reporter who recently made her home in Jackson. Born and raised in Connecticut, she enjoys reading non-fiction, skiing, hiking, and playing the piano in her spare time. She is very passionate about presenting and pursuing stories that have a direct impact on the lives of individuals in the community. Her favorite aspect of life in Jackson is the genuine admiration the people of Wyoming share for the land and the life it sustains.

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