Posted: 10/11/2021 13:33:23 PM

I consider myself lucky to live in Quarter 3 of Northampton, that downtown area tucked away mostly across the train tracks. We have a number of challenges here – wandering tractor-trailers and a historic church building that we could lose – but we also have a cohesive, intelligent and tireless city councilor on our side.

It deserves to be celebrated and it deserves to be re-elected. Jim Nash is campaigning for Ward 3 again, and in less than a month, I will be voting for him wholeheartedly, with a sense of gratitude. Too often I take for granted what works, complain too much about what doesn’t.

On Tuesday, November 2, I will vote to re-elect a proven advisor. It’s my little way of saying thank you. To get my vote on city council, a candidate must have three attributes: be easy to reach; work well with others to accomplish tasks large and small; and understand the interests of the neighborhoods they represent.

As someone who has worked with Jim on a number of neighborhood projects, I could give a long list of Jim working well with others and understanding our interests in Ward 3. Here are two: with Howard Moore and Roni Gold , Jim helped establish the Bridge St. School Walking School Bus, a gem of our school community, and even after helping start the business, he continued to help by accompanying the children to school. Jim’s advocacy undoubtedly helped delay the demolition of St. John Cantius Church on Hawley Street, and his organization influenced the formation of the town’s group dedicated to maintaining the historic building.

Join me on November 2 to vote to re-elect Jim Nash as Ward 3 city councilor. It’s a little way to recognize how lucky we are.

Greg Kerstette


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